We work with you to understand and improve your workforce’s financial wellbeing
Connecting your employees with the ethical financial products and services they need
Our holisitc approach makes your employees financially healthier and wealthier
In doing so, we help create a happier, more productive workforce

Create and action a financial wellbeing plan

We work with HR directors to help them understand and deal with the financial wellbeing challenges their employees are facing.

The Elva financial wellbeing survey

We start by carrying out a free financial wellbeing review and survey to help identify your employees needs better.

A bespoke plan for improving financial wellbeing

We use the findings from the review to create a financial wellbeing plan that suits your budget and delivers maximum impact.

Access to ethical financial solutions through the Elva app

We provided a tailored version of the Elva app to your employees through which they can access best in class, ethical financial solutions.

On-going financial support & financial education

You and your employees will then have ongoing access to our independent financial advisors, financial education and all of our apps features.

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How many employees are in your organisation?

For a typical 100 employee organisation.....

12 people

lack the money to make it until the end of the month

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23 employees

would struggle to pay an unexpected £500 bill

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39 employees

don’t feel confident in managing their money

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3 employees

are in a state of financial crisis

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27 people

are paying too much for their mortgage and loans

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22 employees

Are not saving and have less than £100 in savings

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66 employees

have little or no plans for retirement.

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Deliver the right solution for your employees now.

It starts by understanding the needs of your employees better.

Take our free test to find out where you are journey you are and discover what you can do and how we can help you reach the next stage.

The all-in-one, ethical financial-wellbeing solution.

For Planning   

  • Financial dashboard for an overview of your finances in a single point
  • Spend Better: take a look at your spending habits and see where your pounds are going 
  • Pension & Mortgage advisor

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For Saving

  • High Interest Credit Union Saving accounts that get updated with your salary

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For Cash flow

  • Salary Advances
  • Low interest, ethical Credit Union Loans

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For Learning

  • Financial Wellbeing Hub  to improve your finances
  • Interactive Polls
  • Independent Financial Coaching and Advice 

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Support that doesn’t stop when you join. Because financial wellbeing is a marathon, not a sprint.

At Elva we offer on-going financial support & financial education to you and your employees, including ongoing access to our independent financial coaching, financial education and all of our apps features.

We chose to work with Elva because their service had a depth that no other company in the market could compete with.
Michelle, Rewards Director, Suez PLC.

Financial wellbeing insights

Get the latest financial insights, tips and tricks from our financial coaches.

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