Give your employees greater control of their money & improve their financial wellbeing

Elva helps your employees deal with financial bumps in the road and builds long-term financial wellbeing using a range of products from salary advance to Credit Union savings and loans, as well as financial education, coaching and advice.

Elva Financial Wellbeing

Why does financial wellbeing matter?

When people are free from their financial burdens, they are happier and less stressed. They have better relationships, can sleep better and give more to their work.

  • Personal Impact
  • Work Impact
  • Employer Impact
  • One in five people in the UK

    lack the money to make it until the end of the month

  • One in three middle class families in the UK

    would struggle to pay an unexpected £500 bill

  • 74% of the working UK population

    say financial worries affect their mental health

  • 76% of employees think early access

    to their salary can prevent costly credit

  • 94% of UK employees

    are suffering from money measures.

  • Employees with money worries

    are 8.8x more likely to have sleepless nights

  • 74% of people with debt worries

    found that it affected their mental health

  • Employees with money worries are

    5.7x more likely to have troubled relationships at work

  • Increase staff retention

    Employees with money worries are 2.2x more likely to be looking for a new job

  • Over 500,000 private sector workers

    took time off last year due to their financial wellbeing

  • 77% of employees say that money worries

    have impacted their performance

  • Employees with high levels of financial stress

    take 75% more absence days

Three Elva Financial Wellbeing Phone Screens

A product range suited to fit everyone regardless of their financial needs.

Salary Advance allows employees to take a portion of their salary when they need
Credit Union Loans & Savings helps employees to consolidate existing debt and start saving
Financial Education, Coaching and Advice helps employees to better understand their money, develop good habits and build a financial plan
Benefits Calculator helps employees to understand what they are entitled to claim
We chose to work with Elva because their service had a depth that no other company in the market could compete with
Michelle, Rewards Director, Suez PLC.

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