Helping employees understand their finances better and take control.

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A personalised experience.

Using Elva’s unique algorithm, we provide different user experiences to people in different financial situations, making it easier for them to find the services they need.

This means those who are likely to be saving for a house can find information about mortgages easily, while those who are facing financial hardship can access debt advice and check for government entitlements.

Taking away the guesswork.

Through a Combination of this Personalised experience and free IFA advice,  we understand our users’ needs and connect them with best in class ethical financial solutions.


I’m nearing retirement, how much should I be contributing to my pension?

Paying into a pension gets all taxpayers a tax break. But for an extra and easy bonus, salary sacrifice is worth considering. Salary sacrifice applies to a number of workplace benefits such as childcare vouchers or cycle-to-work schemes, not just pensions. It’s where you give up some of your monthly earnings and your employer puts it towards something else – in this case, pension contributions. 

Understanding your finances is more than just the facts and figures, spending less and saving more. It's important to understand your habits and money personality. Our coaches and courses are there to help employees take action.

We help your employees plan their money better

Information without action is just entertainment. At Elva we provide Financial Health checks with qualified financial coaches.

This is supported with a central overview of your Assets, Debts, Income and Expenditure.

With In-App nudges, on-demand coaches and a deeper understanding of your money habits the Elva App helps you acheive your financial goals.

We allow them to save directly from their salary

We Partner with Credit Unions to enable your employees to save direct from their salary into high return savings accounts.

We provide salary access to prevent costly payday loans

For the vast majority of people, the earnings are stable and predictable with a salary paid monthly. However, expenditure is far less predictable with costs occurring at different times and for different amounts, often without warning.

Smoothing the gap between these timings provides a significant level of comfort and security to employees with the added benefit of not needing to use credit cards or high interest loans.

We teach financial wellbeing with articles and polls

Within the app is a technical library open to all employees to get curated information about all things financial.

Polls and questions help employees to understand their peer group and nudge them to better financial behaviours.

The employees interaction with the app can provide company wide wellbeing analysis/reports. These annonymised reports can aide in developing your corporate culture.


Your employees data is important to them. We ensure it is safe and fully GDPR compliant. Elva uses your data for you and only for you to deliver a secure future for you.

ICO Compliant

We’re registered and compliant with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), the UK’s data privacy authority

Your privacy is protected

Privacy of data is fundamental. Your personal information will never be sold or rented to third parties without your consent

Bank-grade encryption

We use advanced encryption technology to protect your data shared between our servers, your devices and banks

FCA regulated

We are registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under the Payment Services Regulations 2017

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