A range of financial wellbeing products & services to suit your needs, no matter the situation.

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If you are struggling with your monthly bills...

Get more contol of your money by having real time access to your salary rather than having to wait until the end of the month. Use our benefits checker to make sure you are receiving any government benefits you might be entitled to.

If you are saving for a big purchase...

Credit Union Savings and Loan products to help making it easy for you to save and reduce the costs of borrowing.

If you are thinking about investing or retirement...

Free financial education to help improve your understanding. Low cost regulated financial advice to help you develop a financial plan.

Simple, clear and efficient

Fantastic app, simple and straight forward to use. It really helped me with my finances. Thank you!

A range of products to help you

Elva helps your employees deal with financial bumps in the road and builds long-term financial wellbeing using a range of products from salary advance to Credit Union savings and loans.


Salary Advance

  • Keep track of your earnings

    Get a better understanding of your finances by cheking how much you have earnt throughout the month

  • Access your salary in real time

    No need to wait until the end of the month to access your salary. A real benefit in helping to meet expenses throughout the month.

  • Low fees

    A low fair fixed percentage charged for all salary advances.


Credit Union Saving & Loans

  • Benefit from better rates for savings and loans

    Credit Union Loans tipically offer higher rates for savings and lower rates for loans than traditional banks

  • Wide acceptance

    Credit Unions offer wide acceptance loans even if you have a poor credit history

  • Not For Profit

    Member based putting your financial wellbeing first ahead of profits


Benefits Checker & Debt Counselling

  • Benefits Checker

    You may not be aware of all of the government benefits and support that are available to improve your financial wellbeing. Use our benefits checker to make sure you’re not missing out.

  • Debt Counselling

    We have partnered with leading debt charity Step Change to provide practical advice on dealing with financial difficulties.


Financial Education & Advice

  • Improve your financial education

    Free, practical, easy to understand financial education on a wide range of useful subjects

  • Develop good habits

    We help you to develop better money habits to improve your financial wellbeing

  • Financial Coaching & Advice

    Develop your own financial plan with our help. Access to personalised information and advice from our regulated financial advisers.

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Discover the financial health of your employees and implement a programme suitable for them.