Take action! Time to review your financial needs and goals.

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This won’t go away!

Just how is it the big 50 already?. A massive milestone in itself. There are certain things that you should have nailed by now. In some ways, the living expenses you have now, compared to what they were 20 years ago should give you a better image of how much money you will need when you retire in the next 15 to 20 years.

By now, you know life is full of surprises, some good, some not so good and that things don’t always go to plan… There could be additional unaccounted-for expenses for example care for your parents, a divorce, paying for university fees and all at a time when your earning potential may have peaked.

When in your 50s, this ideally is the time you would like to start enjoying the rewards of your hard work in the past decades, protect what you have and importantly, get serious about what you might want to do in the next phase of your life, your retirement or perhaps semi-retirement.

This could mean different things to different people. For some, it may involve investing in a property abroad, to others may mean not retiring at all.

That’s where you need to review your financial goals and a good financial adviser will help you build a holistic plan that not only includes a savings and investment strategy but also your ability to earn and protect your income. Financial planning should become a part of your lifestyle, whether done monthly, quarterly, annually or every couple of years.

During your financial review, you mustn’t get discouraged if your money matters don’t turn out as expected. Setbacks are opportunities to fuel lasting behavioural improvements and resilience so use it as an opportunity to get back and revisit your goals or set new ones. Knowing what you want to achieve, and why, is key to keeping yourself on track towards achieving your goals.

With the right plan of action and practical, achievable steps, you can get closer to achieving your goals. If you are unsure about any of the following, perhaps it’s a good time you changed your financial adviser?

  • Are you unclear about how your current investments are performing?
  • Will your investment portfolio help you meet your goals?
  • Have you got the right kinds and amounts of insurance coverage?
  • Do you feel you are paying too much in taxes?
  • Do you worry about not having enough money to retire?

Financial planning not only provides direction but can also teach good discipline. Here at Elva, we believe that financial planning isn’t about drafting a document to put in your drawer. To us, It’s an ongoing commitment to reviewing and maintaining your finances just like you would visit your doctor for regular checkups to ensure your health.

We work collaboratively with you to review your objectives and dreams and then develop a plan to help you get there and track your progress along the way.

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